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3 essential triathlon tips to add oomph to your run

3 essential triathlon tips to add oomph to your run, Herbalife24 Base CampHerbalife Triathlon Los Angeles, 2012Running a 10K is challenging enough all by itself, but it gets even harder when your run is the third and final leg of a triathlon. So how do you overcome the exhaustion and lactic acid build-up after swimming a mile and biking more than 20?

Keep reading for a few triathlon tips to help you sprint through the finish line …

Triathlon tip #1: Focus on flawless technique

The way you run has a major impact on your time. As you train for your upcoming event, keep these basics in mind:

Stride – The length of your stride needs to fit your body type and running style.

Posture – Don’t lean too far forward or backward when running. Think about “running tall.”

Relaxation – Keep your fingers, hands and jaw relaxed and unclench your fists. Swing your arms in a smooth, steady motion when running.

Cadence – Move your legs fast to run fast.

Core stability – A stable torso limits inefficient movement.

Rhythm – The ideal stride length gives you the most forward motion with the least amount of exertion.

Try taking a look at for more advice – their article on developing a flawless running technique has some constructive ideas that can really help.

Triathlon tip #2: Run up a hill

Developing an effortless running style takes good old-fashioned hill work. But the key is to work smarter, not harder.  First, find a short, steep hill toward the end of your next training run, then:

  • Start with three to five hill repetitions and build it up to a maximum of 10.
  • Focus on good form and let the incline force you into working harder.

Once you’ve managed to run up and down a few times you’ll want to make sure you’re ascending / descending with a bit of style and moving your body as fast as possible by streamlining your movements.  Tri Radar has few few articles that can help you focus and improve.

Triathlon tip #3: Drill, drill, drill

Want to separate yourself from the competition? Running drills can improve your speed, strength and technique. Try these exercises after you’ve had a good warm-up and stretch:

High Knee/Quick Feet – Jog slowly at first then increase your stride rate so that you take as many steps as possible over about 25 yards with a high knee action.

Butt Kickers – Jog slowly at first then increase your stride rate until you’re moving as quickly as you can and getting your lower leg to swing up behind you. Your heel should hit your butt. Continue for about 25 yards.

Pull Throughs – While walking, extend your leg in front of you like a hurdler and then lower it down to the ground, directly under your center of gravity. As your foot contacts the ground, drive up on your toes and swing your other leg forward and repeat. Do about 12 to 15 steps on each leg.

Bounding – Jog slowly at first then bound forward and upwards with a high knee lift. Land on your other leg and repeat the movement. Continue alternating legs. Concentrate on good form, keeping your head up and driving with your arms. Repeat for eight to 10 steps on each leg. Jog out of each repetition.

By training smarter, your next triathlon run could be your best yet. Focus on technique, get in some hill work and drill, drill, drill your way to a record time!


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